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BTP Workspaces | designed for your business success

As the largest owner of property at Brisbane Technology Park – with 100% ownership of 11 properties housing over 40 clients, BTP Workspaces is focused on providing hassle free workspaces designed for new generation businesses. 

BTP Workspaces is focussed on providing market-leading space solutions for clients seeking well located and affordable workspaces in Brisbane Technology Park.

Our approach to property management and leasing is open and flexible drawing on wide selection to assist business match their needs to their current and future business space requirements.

BTP workspaces can provide a wide range of practical and functional offices for cost conscious occupiers as well as specialised space suitable for technical, research or product development purposes. 

Brisbane Technology Park was established in 1987 as a Queensland Government initiative to promote new and existing technology and research companies to progress in their chosen fields. As a result BTP has now grown to accommodate over 5,000 employees, 150 businesses, and 100,000 square metres of workspace and as BTP’s largest owner we are proud of its continuing success.